My name is Mindy Kelly and I am the sole owner/photographer of Mindy Kelly Photography.  I am 32 years old and live in the small and cozy hilltown of Worthington located in western Massachusetts.  I was born and raised in western massachusetts, and plan to raise my 3 children Haley, Hunter and Reagen here as well.

I have been interested in Photography since I was very young, but really became interested in high school.  I went to a vocational school where I was able to learn alternative processing and graphic design, and fell in love with the darkroom.

I have been photographing continuously since 1998 when my oldest Haley was born. I learned on a 35mm SLR film camera, taking any classes that were offered at the local community college.  Currently I shoot with a Nikon D 5000, I am very happy using this camera.  😀

Currently I am a “On Location” photographer, I will travel to where you are to photograph you or your event.   I do not use lights or backdrops at this time.  I enjoy using the outdoors as natural backdrops and any natural light available.

I photograph anything and everything as the mood strikes me or as opportunities arise.  I have been a sports photographer, wedding photographer, birthday photographer, landscape photographer and portrait photographer… I will not say NO to anything in terms of photo sessions or events to be photographed.

 (If I have not done this type of event or photo session, I will tell you that upfront.  You can make the decision whether or not to use my services for the event… but that is experience building for me and  your event or session would recieve the same level of dedication and attention to detail that any other services would recieve).


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